Introducing musical instruments to kids – Fun Activities you can do with the little musicians

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Have you ever thought about how music can help your children?

There are a lot of benefits that the kids can get from playing with musical instruments. Today, we`ll be crushing the first impression for them and that is – how to start introducing musical instruments to kids.

One of the things that most people all over the world all love is music. There is something about it that brings people together, that lets them express their emotions and simply allows them to have a lot of fun while listening. Music and musical instruments are also some of the best activities that you can introduce to your children from a very young age, while also feeling like you are helping them achieve something that will last them a lifetime.

In fact, music has been proven to have a ton of different benefits, some of which are improved academic skills, improved social skills, better self-esteem and so much more. Figuring out which instrument is the right one for your child can be tough, but finding a way to introduce it to them can also be quite challenging.

Because of that today we are going to take a look at introducing musical instruments for small kids through some really fun activities, so make sure to keep reading to find out more.


Make musical instruments with your child

If you are reading this and you think that you will need some crazy skills in order to build these instruments, then don’t worry because that is definitely not what we mean. The great thing about music is that it can easily be found in everyday life, which means that you can pretty much turn everything into an instrument.

Basically, pretty much every single object that you have around your house is something that you can turn into an instrument, and doing this together with your child can end up being a really fun activity. For example, you can take something like an empty shoe box, or even a tissue box and just take a few different sized rubber bands and stretch them over it.

This may sound a bit strange, but the combination of these things will end up in a really fun, DIY guitar. Another thing that you can do, which is very easy to use, even for small children, is a DIY shaker. Just take an empty container, and fill it with rice, beans or even some kind of small toys and you will have a great little instrument that took no time at all to make. The point here is not that you need to have a lot of skill, instead, it’s more about your creativity.

Just let it run wild and you will be able to come up with a ton of great ideas that will turn into great projects with your child.


Teach the child to whistle

Introducing musical instruments to children doesn’t necessarily just start with you putting a real instrument in their hands, and a lot of the time it can start with just teaching them something new and fun that can start them off in the world of music.

For example, one of the best musical instruments that we have are our lips and teaching your children how to whistle is a great way to introduce them to music without actually giving them an instrument. Kids are always really fascinated by whistling and they are usually always keen on learning how to do it themselves, so giving it a shot is a great idea.

This is all about teaching them how to position their lips, and of course a lot of practice, but it is also something that they will be able to get the hang of in no time. And after they do get the hang of it, you can be sure that they will be whistling to their favorite cartoon songs or other tunes that they recognize, which is a great way for them to start getting involved in music.


Play music in the background

Whether your child is a newborn or a toddler, one of the best ways to introduce them to music is by actually playing music in the background constantly. When the baby is a newborn, playing lullabies in the nursery is always a good idea.

Apart from this being a great way for them to connect and be introduced to music, it is also a great way to calm the child down and really put them to sleep.

On the other hand, apart from playing music in the house, you can also make a habit of playing music in the car. Whether you are going on a road trip, or you are just running your daily errands or going on the school run, having music in the car is another place where you can introduce your child to music. It is also good for you to play different kinds of music.

A lot of parents stick to their children’s favorite cartoon music, however, let’s be honest, these songs tend to be really repetitive and can get pretty boring for you really fast, so instead, we recommend you include different genres of music. If you do this consistently you will see years down the line that the child will still have memories of the songs you played, and playing all of the different genres may inspire them to go for a certain instrument that they really like the sound of. Music is also a great way to calm down anxiety, so if you have a particularly anxious child, playing the music and introducing your child to musical instruments is a great way to help them out with that as well.

With all of the different benefits that music and musical instruments can have in your child’s life, introducing your child to an instrument from a young age can do wonders for them. Make sure to take all of our tips and try them out for yourself, and we hope that one of them sparks an interest in music in your child.

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