How Our Kids Can Benefit from Musical Instruments in 2019

How Our Kids Can Benefit from Musical Instruments in 2019

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If there is one thing that most kids will react to, even at a very young age, then that is definitely music. From nursery rhymes to lullaby’s and all of those different cartoons that are filled with fun and really catchy songs, children are surrounded by music for most of their lives.

But, how our kids can benefit from musical instruments nowadays?

We have four tips and reasons. Stay tuned!

As time goes by, a lot of kids show interest when it comes to playing an instrument and despite this being a great thing that will entertain them, it is also something that has an incredible amount of benefits, and a lot of them has do to with brain development and other types of development, which can help then for the rest of their life. If you are not sure whether you should push you child towards an instrument a little bit more, then you should definitely continue reading this article because we are going to be underlining the benefits from musical instruments for kids and why encouraging them to do so is a great idea.

How Our Kids Can Benefit from Musical Instruments in 2019 , Benefits from Musical Instruments for Kids

It can greatly improve their moods

The first benefit of music and musical instruments that we are going to talk about actually has a lot to do with something that a lot of people don’t talk about, and that is mental health. Apart from physical health being incredibly important, the mental health of your child is something that you should be aware of from the youngest of age.

If you notice that your child tends to get a bit more anxious, then music is a great tool that you can use to calm them down and even put them to sleep, which is the whole idea behind the lullaby.

However, apart from music being a great calming tool, it can also be used as an incredible mood lifter when you notice that your child needs a “pick me up”. A great tip that we can give you is to actually try to incorporate music and musical instruments into their day to day schedules. You can choose certain type of music to indicate playtime, different kind of music to indicate nap time or sleep time or even lunchtime. They will soon get used to these tunes and will recognize them easily, and that is when you can add toy instruments and allow the child to express themselves and maybe even try to mimic the sounds they are already familiar with.

How Our Kids Can Benefit from Musical Instruments in 2019 , Benefits from Musical Instruments for Kids

It can improve numeracy and literacy

You may not know this, but a lot of children can actually distinguish different types of sounds even when they are babies. In fact, there is a lot of research out there that shows that it only takes a couple of weeks after the child was born for it to be able to recognize its mother’s voice from the rest of the world.

The point of all of this is that this kind of exposure to sounds, or in this case music, can really help enhance the natural ability that kids have when it comes to decoding sounds and words, which is one of the best intellectual benefits of musical instruments for children, and music in general. When you are singing a lullaby to your child from a very young age, for example, you are encouraging recognition for sound patterns to start developing and for them to start learning repetition, which is the basis of literacy and numeracy.

Additionally, playing a musical instrument can help your child anticipate what is coming next, and soon they will be able to put patterns in the proper sequence on their own. We have to say that this doesn’t only refer to real instruments, but even having your 1-year-old banging on a made-shift drum can have the necessary effect you are looking for.


Musical instruments help improve coordination

If you have a child that is already older, then you probably already remember them moving to the sound of any music that they like and mouthing words before they could even properly speak.

Because of this, it is also very easy to notice when your child really likes a certain part of a song, because you can notice them being happier or moving more to that particular part. And because the music itself encourages the children’s intuition to move, we always suggest that you give them some kind of toy instrument, like a drum or a guitar, or even some homemade instruments. By doing this you will give your child the benefit of improving coordination through musical instruments.

This is a great way for them to improve their gross and fine motor skills. A great tip to follow here in order to get the most out of this benefit is to switch them between different instruments. You want to give them something like a drum in order for them to improve their gross skills because this only requires them to bang their hands on it and develop those movements.

On the other hand, something like a tiny guitar, ukulele or even a toy violin is a great way to get them to open and close their hands and move their fingers a bit more. If your child is very young, then we don’t recommend giving them something like a piano because they still won’t be able to actually move their fingers and they will just end up banging on it anyway, so it kind of defeats the purpose.


Music is probably the one thing that most people can agree is a good thing and it is also usually the thing that can bring people closer the fastest. Including music in your child’s life can do more than just clam them down or improve their moods, and it can actually help improve and speed up their brain function, which is great. We hope that this article opened up your eyes to the many benefits of musical instruments and music for children and that you are going to encourage your child to explore them some more on their own.

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