4 Reasons Why you should get a Musical instrument for your kid or Toddler – Today

get a musical instrument for your kid or toddler

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Even from very early on, children are constantly exposed to music, so much so that some parents even let their child “listen” to music in utero.

Lullaby’s, nursery songs as well as all of the made-up songs that parents come up with all on their own as time goes by means that music is a huge part of your child’s life.

After listening to all of those songs and watching different cartoons that have music in them, the natural progression is for the toddler to actually move on to playing an instrument, and we are happy to say that there are actually a ton of benefits to this. If you were wondering whether you should encourage your child to get more involved in music and play an instrument down the line, then make sure to keep reading because we are going to talk about the benefits from musical instruments for kids.

4 Reasons Why you should get a Musical instrument for your kid or Toddler – Today , Benefits from Musical Instruments for Kids

It can speed up brain development

When children are young, specifically around the toddler age, they need to be stimulated in all sorts of different ways, and music is one of the best and easiest ways to do that. There are now several different studies that have been conducted and they have proven that playing an instrument at such a young age can actually help speed up brain development.

This not just great for them at that particular moment, but it is also something that they will benefit from for the rest of their lives. Studies have also shown that this can help improve the academic skill of the children, which is another excellent benefit. The biggest benefits when it comes to brain development that you will be able to notice are development in speech, listening, as well as in the child’s reading skills.


Helps with building motor skills

The next gains of musical instruments for toddlers are the fact that they will get to really work on their motor skills. There are two types of motor skills that can be developed using musical instruments, and those are the gross and fine motor skills, and there are different instruments that affect them differently.

For example, the first instrument that most kids gravitate towards from their earliest age is definitely the drums. This is mostly because pretty much any common, household object can be used as a drum, but also because banging on a drum is easy to do, even for children that are 1 year old. This type of instrument is the best for developing gross motor skills.

On the other hands, something like a toddler-sized guitar or a violin takes a lot more work, and it specifically requires a lot of hand movements.

This kind of closing and opening of the fingers and the hands is the thing that helps build the finer motor skills. Of course, you can allow your child to focus on just one kind of instrument and target one kind of motor skills, but the ideal thing would be for you to give them a larger variety because this is what will give them the best of both worlds and something that will also help improve their physical skills, which is very important when it comes to playing an instrument.

4 Reasons Why you should get a Musical instrument for your kid or Toddler – Today , Benefits from Musical Instruments for Kids

It improves self-confidence and decision making

It may not look like it, but some of the best benefits when it comes to toddlers playing an instrument has a lot to do with improving their self-confidence, as well as improving their decision making instincts. When they are playing an instrument they have to think about things like which keys they have to press, or which string they have to move, but more than that they also have to decide which instrument they like and which sounds appeal to them and which don’t.

All of these are decisions, no matter how insignificant they may seem to a grown adult. The child will have to make all of these decisions on their own, and this is something that will definitely affect and improve decision making in their future life. Self-confidence is another great benefit that will have real, continuous benefits for the rest of the child’s life.

Making the decision to press a certain key and getting a good result out of it, or getting a sound that they like in this case, is something that will give the child more confidence and that will encourage them to keep on playing in the search for more sounds that they will like.

It improves sensory development

As you can see, a lot of the benefits of music in small kids has to do with a general improvement of the way that their brain works, and this is another one of those. The sensory skills get greatly improved as a child plays music.

As time goes by and they are able to create more and more sounds and explore more of their ideas using the instruments that they are playing, this is actually something that will create more pathways in their brains, and that is another thing that they will be able to benefit from for the rest of their life.


Music may seem like a fun little activity for your toddler to get involved in in order to pass the time, and give you a little break, however as you can see from the article above there are a ton of real benefits that the child will get from playing music and that will last them a lifetime. We hope that you will take these benefits into consideration and that this article has helped encourage you to get your child some toy instruments so that they can start playing.

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